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Tobacco Vanilla Rose™ Botanical Perfume - Artisan Handmade Perfume

Tobacco Vanilla Rose™ Botanical Perfume - Artisan Handmade Perfume

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TOBACCO VANILLA ROSE Artisan Botanical Perfume is hand-crafted using wildcrafted roses that I tinctured for at least a year, then added the comforting scent of tobacco, Rose Damask, Rose de Mai, and Uganda vanilla bean pods.

Do you have an olfactory scent that reminds you of your childhood or past somehow? Even though you cannot put your finger on the exact essence? I will work with you to get this out of your memory onto paper then eventually into a little beautiful bottle. For a bespoke perfume please slide into DM.

Made with 98% organic ingredients.


Unique and sexy gift.

Vegan and Cruelty-free |\ valentines

Every concoction you purchase from my shop starts off with a special handmade tincture using organic plants, flowers, and herbs. Then I add only high-quality organic and/or wildcrafted essential oils, resins, concretes.

I am inspired by nature and music. This combination makes it interesting for me to create and I believe that it brings a sense of life to my blends. Whatever it is I am thinking or creating from it will come to light in my perfumes.

Apply on pulse points such as the wrists and neck. Botanical and plant extracts will change over time which will take you on a scent adventure.

My natural perfumes are lovingly hand-blended using only
the finest essential oils, absolutes, hand-made tinctures, wild-crafted
herbs and flowers, resins and CO2's. The amount of care and attention to
detail I give this process results in some exceptionally
aromatic and aesthetically pleasing blends.
Your perfume arrives with recycled materials and love.

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty-free. Vegan.

Unlike synthetic perfumes, natural perfumes will unfurl over time. initially, the headnotes are fleeting, then the heart and base notes linger the longest. My perfume Contains no synthetic fixatives, additives or chemical compounds, therefore the "throw" will not be like department store perfumes. These will stay near and dear to you.
Valentine's Gift for her/him

My botanical-based perfumes are hypoallergenic. Meaning, the ingredients I use have a minimal chance of irritating allergies or creating new ones.

No Synthetic Dyes
Made in the USA

Perfect Mother's Day Gift
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