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Mitti Solid Attar™ Botanical Solid Perfume - Artisan Handmade Perfume

Mitti Solid Attar™ Botanical Solid Perfume - Artisan Handmade Perfume

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Every storm blows in on a scent or leaves one behind. The metallic zing that can fill the air before a summer thunderstorm is from ozone, a molecule formed from the interaction of electrical discharges—from lightning—with oxygen molecules. Likewise, the familiar, musty odor that rises from streets and storm ponds during a deluge comes from a compound called geosmin. A byproduct of bacteria, geosmin is what gives beets their earthy flavor. Rain also picks up odors from the molecules it meets.

MITTI Solid Petrichor Attar ~ Scent of Wet Asphalt | Scent of Rain ~ Solid Perfume / Vegan | Organic Solid Perfume

My natural products are lovingly hand-blended using only
the finest essential oils, absolutes, hand-made tinctures, wild-crafted
herbs and flowers, resins, and CO2's. The amount of care and attention to
detail I give this process results in some exceptionally
aromatic and aesthetically pleasing blends.

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty-free. Vegan.

Valentine's Gift for her/him

Your package will arrive with recycled or recyclable materials, and love.

No Synthetic Dyes
Made in the USA
Perfect Mother's Day Gift
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