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Dark Opal™ Botanical Perfume - Artisan Handmade Perfume

Dark Opal™ Botanical Perfume - Artisan Handmade Perfume

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With artisan tinctures of three types of basil; Sweet Basil, Cinnamon Basil and Dark Opal Basil, some rose tincture, Jasmine Sambac, spearmint and a touch of saffron this is sure to give you a rush of pleasure to the senses.

If you love the thought of running through a meadow of greens pretending you are a fairy, you will love this.

Apply on pulse points such as the wrists and neck. These scents will change over time which will take you on a scent adventure.

*Handmade with love from my garden*

Unlike synthetic perfumes, natural perfumes will unfurl over time. initially, the headnotes are fleeting, then the heart and base notes linger the longest. My perfume Contains no synthetic fixatives, additives or chemical compounds, therefore the "throw" will not be like department store perfumes. These will stay near and dear to you.
Valentine's Gift for her / him
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