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Viva La Creme™ Botanical Perfume - Artisan Handmade Perfume

Viva La Creme™ Botanical Perfume - Artisan Handmade Perfume

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Made with 98% organic ingredients.

VIVA LA CREME - Artisan Men's Natural Cologne | Burning Orchids, Firewood, Hay / nerdy and unique | Vanilla Fire Cologne

Unique and sexy gift for him. Perfect Father's Day Gift.

Every concoction you purchase from my shop starts off with a special handmade tincture using organic plants, flowers, and herbs. Then I add only high-quality organic and/or wildcrafted essential oils, resins, concretes.

I am inspired by nature and music. This combination makes it interesting for me to create and I believe that it brings a sense of life to my blends. Whatever it is I am thinking or creating from it will come to light in my perfumes.

Do you have an olfactory scent that reminds you of your childhood or past somehow? Even though you cannot put your finger on the exact essence? I will work with you to get this out of your memory onto paper then eventually into a little beautiful bottle. For a bespoke perfume please slide into DM.

This was originally a custom order from 2012 from a customer who wanted her husband to smell like Atticus Finch. It has been a favorite ever since.

My natural perfumes are lovingly hand-blended using only
the finest essential oils, absolutes, hand-made tinctures,
resins and CO2's. The amount of care and attention to
detail I give this process results in some exceptionally
aromatic and aesthetically pleasing blends.

No Synthetic Dyes
Made in the USA
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